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Sweet Potato Hash

Once again, I must remind myself that a post doesn’t need to be the length of War and Peace. I CAN simply recommend a yummy recipe that I make once in awhile, a simple, delicious one made up of four ingredients (I left off the fried eggs) and a bit of peeling and grating, plus a bit of skillet time.

This was one of our side dishes this evening, along with some steamed, previously-frozen veggies, and a main dish of pre-made chicken shish kebobs, that were neither unhealthy nor precisely paleo. We can’t all be perfect. 🙂 Finally, here’s the dish I must share with you, which comes from the wonderful Nom Nom Paleo site, which is one of the two I haunt when I’m looking for a fantastic food item to make. (The other site is The Clothes Make the Girl, which you’ll hear more about if I ever finish my International Cafe post!)

Here it is!

Did I take any pictures this time? Heck no! I was too busy trying to get supper on the table today. Just admire the pictures in the recipe link I posted, while you make the oh-so-comforting HASH.


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