Welcome! Please have a seat in the non-screaming section.

So. Welcome to Chez Panic, yet another cooking and food blog!

Why did I make a food blog? Oooh…long story. Lately I’ve been plaguing my Facebook friends with brief updates about what I’ve been having for various meals, and having been thinking about blogging again, I suggested, as an aside, that I take it to my blog. A suggestion that amazingly got some thumbs-ups. Either people are really tired of my foodie posts, or they’re as addicted to food porn as I am. Maybe both!

First, I have to get something off my chest. There’s an issue about my foodiness that needs to be addressed. In a nutshell, I. Am. A Total. Amateur. And lazy. And usually pressed for time. Faced with that combination most every day, I thought it fitting to call my blog Chez Panic. There, that was my disclaimer, now for a little explanation.

For the longest time, I was a pseudo-vegetarian and had to make two different main courses every night. My dude wasn’t going to give up meat, by Thor, and I wasn’t going to make him do it. I was health-conscious and wanted to be a friend to all creatures of the earth and was surely not going to eat anything with a carcass in it. Except fish. (Fish are evil and tasty, so it was okay. 😉 ) Thus, to make two main dishes per night for years + one lazy cook = a LOT of unimaginative meals.  To make a very long story short, a couple years ago, I started eating meat again, and the clouds parted. *cue angelic choir music* I could make one meal for everbody! Oh, the luxury! But…what was this crap I’d been making SB eat all these years? Well, he liked it. But I could do better. I could try recipes on both of us! I dipped my toe into the ocean of cooking and found it…not TOO cold and unappealing. (Boy, that analogy fell flat.)

Then we went low-carb, and I had to learn how to make a lot more stuff from scratch. I experimented with new, low-carb recipes, mostly with good results. This bolstered my confidence, and I tried more things! I haunted Allrecipes.com and various online foodie message boards. I shamelessly used my family (and myself) as guinea pigs for these new recipes. All in the name of science. You monster. (Sorry, obscure gaming reference there. You’ll find those all over this blog, too, I’m sure)

To sum up, what you’ll find here at Chez Panic:

  • Recipes, usually culled from elsewhere. They’ll usually be low-carb, gluten-free, crock-potty, and possibly even Paleo-friendly. They won’t rely on typical American convenience items that I can’t get over here in Norway (or be arsed to spend that much on), like canned mushroom soup and such.
  • My results with said recipes and how the family (me, hubby, super-picky boy) liked them.
  • Perhaps a bit of input from you? I will click around and look at the possibilities.
  • Tips, hints. Usually basic stuff that I’ve only now sussed out but that every cook knows.
  • Pics, if I can stop panicking enough to find the camera.
  • Swearing, and lots of it.

So again, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your — AHHHHHHHHH!!!